Bee venom face cream 🐝 secret to eternal youth?

In recent years, bee venom face cream has become a popular beauty treatment. Proponents of the treatment say that it can help to reduce wrinkles and give the skin a more youthful appearance. Bee venom face cream is said to work by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that help to keep the skin firm and elastic.

Is bee venom face cream the secret to eternal youth?

Hollywood swears that bee venom face cream erases wrinkles better than botox. What is the secret and how to choose the best one? Find out below.

As the largest organ in the human body, the skin goes through the aging process like all other organs in the body. Both internal and external factors contribute to skin aging through collagen changes. While chronic exposure to the sun, especially ultraviolet (UV) rays, is the dominant external cause of aging, the passage of time is the main internal aging factor.

The characteristics of the aging process are the thinning of the surface layer of the skin and the degradation of collagen. A decrease in collagen and elastin production later leads to a decrease in skin elasticity and the deterioration of fibroblasts, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Too difficult an explanation for facial skin aging.

In our early twenties, we think that we will magically manage to avoid the changes that turn youthful beauty into a face we can no longer be proud of.

Thirties, if we are smart, we start with preventive care.

Forties, we already know that it is possible to age gracefully if we have earned it with our lifestyle and good care.

Fifties, ah…we would put a black devil on our face just to move it at least half a year, at least 7 days back.

What age are you? Okay, okay, I know. Of course, if you fell into my story, it’s not without reason.

The use of bee venom for medicinal purposes dates back to ancient Egypt. There are testimonies of its use in the ancient history of Europe and Asia.

Hippocrates used it to treat joint pain and arthritis.

In recent history, interest in the healing properties of bee venom was renewed at the end of the 19th century after a study of its effect on rheumatism. From then until today, interest in treatment with this substance has waned and waned until…you guessed it, it was incorporated into a face cream.

What is bee venom?

 Bee venom is a colorless, acidic liquid that bees expel through their stingers into a target when they feel threatened.

 It contains both anti-inflammatory and inflammatory compounds, including enzymes, sugars, minerals and amino acids.

Melittin — a compound consisting of 26 amino acids — makes up about 50% of the dry weight of the venom and has been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer effects.

However, it is primarily responsible for the pain associated with bee stings.

Bee venom also contains the peptides apamin and adolapine. Although they act as toxins, they have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

In addition, it contains phospholipase A2, an enzyme and major allergen that causes inflammation and cell damage. However, according to some research, the enzyme can have anti-inflammatory and immunoprotective effects.

As you can see, the substances in bee venom are associated with both positive and negative health effects.

Importantly, while research shows that some compounds in venom may have beneficial properties, the isolated effects of each component are unknown, as many components have not been well studied.

What is bee venom cream?

 We are all well aware of the healing properties of honey, pollen, and propolis for the face and health. However, bee venom is viewed with some trepidation, which is not surprising, given that it first associates us with a painful bee sting. Nevertheless, its medicinal properties have been known for thousands of years all over the world.

Apitherapy is an alternative method of treatment with bee products, including their venom.

Among cosmetic products for facial care, anti-wrinkle, rejuvenating and anti-aging creams are the most valued, the most expensive and the most diverse. Amazing substances of plant and animal origin are incorporated into them, such as creams with snail mucus or those with snake venom.

Cream with bee venom is intended for rejuvenating the skin of the face, smoothing fine lines and reducing deep wrinkles.

More skin care companies have started adding bee venom to products like serums and moisturizers. This ingredient can improve skin health in several ways, including reducing inflammation, providing antibacterial effects, and reducing wrinkles.

Moreover, the venom has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects against the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes.

Who is it intended for?

 Face cream with bee venom is intended for the care of mature skin that has already begun to show signs of aging in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. It is intended for relaxed and tired facial skin that has lost its vitality and elasticity.

Can be used both as a day and night cream.

Is equally pleasing to male and female faces.

How does bee venom affect the face?

 Bee venom has been introduced relatively recently in cosmetics as the most powerful natural tool for removing wrinkles and fine lines, cell regeneration, repairing collagen and skin damage, but also for the elimination and prevention of acne.

Many tend to compare its effect on the face with the effect of botox. However, these two substances do not act in the same way.

The mechanism of action of bee venom on the face is as follows. When we apply the cream that contains it, our face receives a slight signal that says: “Oh, I’ve been stung by a bee.”

What happens then?

Blood rushes to the surface of the skin to bring more oxygen, food to the cells…in short, strength for defense. In this process, more collagen and elastin are produced. It makes the face look brighter, softer, tighter and smoother.

The bee venom in your face cream sets off a defensive chain reaction that should end up giving you thicker, firmer facial skin like it was when you were young.

The result is a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, easier healing of scars, a brighter complexion with a youthful color.

Bee venom beauty boost brings several benefits:

It prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin, which will be of particular benefit to people prone to acne and pimples on the face

It slows down photoaging of the skin

Improves the level of collagen in the skin of the face

Is this cream safe?

 Bee venom is a natural ingredient and as such does not cause unwanted effects and side effects. Even some of its components have a positive effect on skin health.

The biggest drawback, which makes these face creams conditionally unsafe, is the large percentage of people who can cause allergic reactions.

 Namely, allergy to bee products and bee stings is very widespread. A bee sting can cause anaphylactic shock.

If you are in my story, some wrinkle must already be bothering you. Before you allergy sufferers leave the story, I’ll let you in on a secret. There is an equally effective product, only without poison in it and without fear of allergy. Ljiljana revealed to me how she got rid of wrinkles and all signs of aging on her face, and I can tell you that it really works.

But don’t let the poison in the cream worry you.

The concentration of poison in the cream is much lower than that which the body receives from a sting and is usually 0.1%. However, people who know they are allergic must not use it.

For the first use, even if you have no knowledge of the existence of an allergy, it is mandatory to perform a test on a small area of ​​skin on the inner part of the forearm. Wait 25 minutes. If there is no reaction for you, the cream with bee venom is safe to use.

This cream is often criticized for the cruelty of the way in which the venom is extracted from the bees. Look on the label for information on whether the product is “animal friendly”.

The main value of bees is not that they produce honey and other products. Bees pollinate plants. If they disappear, fruits and vegetables will also disappear. Would you rather give up bee venom cream or fragrant fruit?

By giving up products that are not, we contribute to the preservation of nature and a more humane life on the planet.

Choose an alternative in natural herbal products that are very effective and do not endanger life on the planet in any way.

How to use the cream with bee venom for the face?

 When it’s time to use a cream like this, the rules are simple, but let’s repeat them.

Clean face first of all. In order for the active substances from the preparation to reach where they need to be, the skin must absorb them. Absorption is done through the pores. If these are clogged with fat, remnants of products and make-up, your anti-wrinkle cream will remain on the surface of the face and have little or no effect.

The face should be thoroughly cleaned with a washcloth, micellar water or whatever preparation works best for you. Regular peels are part of the anti-aging care and facial hygiene routine.

When you are ready, first apply the cream with bee venom to the area under and around the eyes – where your wrinkles are most pronounced. Make sure you dab a little more cream there. Apply to the rest of the ica. The cream is applied by dabbing or gently massaging.

The manufacturers suggest using it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

After a few minutes, you can apply a make-up primer over this anti-wrinkle cream and continue with make-up.

The best bee venom cream

The next challenge is how to choose the right one. If you search the Internet, you will find dozens of such products. Each of them is presented as the best.

First of all, choose a natural product without chemicals.

Next, it would be good if your cream, in addition to poison, also contains bee honey. Manuka honey is especially valued in such products.

I have selected a few products for you so that you have a guideline in which direction to look for your ideal cream with bee venom.

The magic of the bee

Domestic brand cream that, in addition to poison, contains honey, essential oils, vitamin E and propolis. The ingredients are organic. In addition to its rejuvenating effect, it acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from external influences. Improves circulation and collagen production. It rejuvenates the look.

Can be used both as a day and night face cream or as a leave-on mask.

Medex Beesecret

Intended for rejuvenating mature skin. It contains 98% natural ingredients. It evens out wrinkles, slows down aging and restores the youthful appearance of facial skin.

Contains 0.1% bee venom. She was dermatologically examined. It does not contain parabens and silicones.

In addition to poison, it contains almond oil, honey, beeswax, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. As such, it is a good choice for anti-aging treatment of dry facial skin.

Sting of beauty

Anti-aging cream for all skin types, both for women and men.

Designed to tighten facial skin and eliminate wrinkles. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The skin tightening effect is already visible after the first application. It also contains vitamin E, St. John’s wort and jojoba oil, organic propolis for disinfection, and organic honey, which acts as an antioxidant.

It is used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


Propolis is a sticky resin that honeybees collect from tree buds and bark. This natural product has been used for centuries in folk medicine as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. Today, propolis is available in many forms, including supplements, ointments, and lozenges.

While scientific research on propolis is limited, there is some evidence to suggest that it may offer health benefits. For example, one study found that propolis may help speed the healing of wounds. Additionally, propolis has been shown to have antibacterial and antifungal activity.

If you’re interested in trying propolis, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider first. Propolis may interact with certain medications and may not be suitable for everyone.

Beevenom essence

Intended to remove signs of aging. Restores firmness to the skin of the face, relieves dryness, dehydration and sensitivity of the skin. It is completely natural, formulated on the basis of organic ingredients.

Also contains avocado oil, pollen extract, proteins, beeswax, minerals copper, zinc, calcium, iron and potassium.

The cream is suitable for sensitive skin. The positive effect is already visible after the first application.

This last described cream has a slightly richer and more diverse composition compared to the previous ones.

An alternative to bee venom cream

Always have alternatives both in life and in cream.

Regarding this type of product, it will not suit many people because bee sting allergies are widespread.

From the description of the creams, you saw that they all have one very important quality. They are natural, mostly free of chemicals and full of useful active substances of organic origin. Honey and other bee products are represented in every brand.

This leads me to the conclusion that the only real alternative to this product is another good natural cream formulated on the basis of bioactive substances that do an equally good job of synthesizing collagen and elastin and removing the signs of aging.

Look for an anti-wrinkle cream that contains squalene, neodermyl, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and anti-wrinkle herbal extracts.

Erasing wrinkles, blemishes and dark under-eye circles is also possible in this way only without fear of allergies.

Price, where to get and experience

They can be bought in any well-stocked pharmacy or drug store. Many brands also have their own online sales.

This is how ladies comment on bee venom cream on portals:

Mary: I was excited and a little nervous. I expected a burning sensation, which was absent. For the first week, nothing happened. On the ninth day, I noticed a difference in the mirror. After 3 weeks, my skin became softer, my complexion evened out and I had less wrinkles around my eyes. This cream exceeded my expectations. Its only drawback is that it is very expensive.

Olena: A lot is written about these creams in the media, so I tried them out. I don’t see much difference in wrinkles other than my pores have shrunk and my pimples are healing faster. Otherwise, the feeling is the same as with any cream. Nothing stings my face.

How do you feel knowing that the poison in your cream is even natural from bee stings? Do you know how that poison is collected and how important bees are to our survival?

World beauty experts often serve us overpriced products as miracle workers.

Don’t forget that dedicated natural care and a good lifestyle is the shortest way to a wrinkle-free face.

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