How to enlarge the penis naturally

For many men, the thought of how to enlarge the penis naturally is a source of anxiety. There are a number of methods that claim to be able to achieve this. But often these are either ineffective or carry a risk of side effects. However, there are a few natural methods that have been shown to be effective in increasing penis size. This article will outline some of these methods and provide instructions on how to enlarge the penis naturally.

Yes, there are ways to enlarge your penis naturally! Here’s how..

The size of the penis is a measure that is only in the minds of the vast majority of men to obtain the size of the penis they want.

Just as there are men looking for a solution to their “problem”, there are many penis enlargement methods. That ensure optimal results and therefore it ends up being very difficult to decide.

Today we will tell you about two joint methods that you can use and they are natural.

2 Methods to enlarge your penis naturally.

Stretching exercise

Hold the glans firmly, but not too tightly, so as not to cut off circulation.

Pull and release the penis, just enough to stretch it a little and not feel any pain.

When you have reached the maximum stretch, hold the position for about 30 seconds and repeat the process.

It is recommended that this exercise be practiced every day, for a space of 5 minutes, and that the movements go in all directions. In this way all the muscles get the same stimulus.

When doing these exercises you should keep in mind that doing them in the wrong way. Or in a hurry can cause injuries, so be careful when doing them.

Also important to note, the penis must be semi-erect or fully erect.

Use lubrication, it can be baby oil, Vaseline, or the infinite range of lubricants. That exist on the market – however, the most recommended are those made with water.

Consent it, as when you exercise other parts of your body, your penis will also need attention. For example, you can apply a hot compress – maximum temperature supported. Avoid burns – and keep the compress on the penis for 5 minutes before starting do the exercises. After performing them, you could take a warm-hot shower. Equally bearable – and let the water fall in a good way throughout the intimate area.

If at any time you feel anything beyond a slight pain or pressure. Stop and give yourself a few days before resuming, these exercises should not hurt

Pills for penis enlargement

There are pills to enlarge the penis in the form of tablets that serve to lengthen or grow the penis. And it is proven that it is one of the most used methods in the world. Because of how simple it is.

The purpose of these pills is nothing more than to improve the characteristics of the penis.

Before taking any pill that they offer you, make sure that they are good. That they do not have side effects. Find out even from a professional or someone who has already used them before. Because if not you could end up running into someone. Who only takes advantage of your need to take money from you.

Make sure that the pills have natural components, their composition is usually mostly nutrients and vitamins. Whose objective is to favor the internal tissues of the penis and improve blood flow.

Keep in mind that after approximately 6 months of a good combination of exercises and the indicated pills. You will have already seen a good result, the final result will be closer to a year. Remember that this will not be a lifetime and there is no infinite measure.

A good combination of these processes will not only help you in terms of penis growth. You will also feel more sexually powerful, so your sex life will improve as well as ejaculations and erections.

It is important that you have already passed puberty to carry out this type of treatment. Since, if you have not reached the end of it, your genital area is probably still developing. So applying these treatments can end up complicating everything.

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