How to get rid of bad thoughts and be happier!
How to get rid of bad thoughts and be happier!

If you’re struggling with negative thinking, it can be tough to break the habit. After all, thoughts are just thoughts—right? Unfortunately, research shows that chronic negative thinking can lead to serious consequences for your health and happiness. The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to get rid of bad thoughts and be happier.

Of course, you have noticed that the event, which you often and fondly think about, eventually happens. It seems that the thoughts are real, so you have to be very careful with them.

The human brain is arranged strangely – there would be no happy thoughts to remember! Where there, we are on increasingly negative slopes in the scrolling of my head. Well, if bad thoughts go into your head, how to get rid of them? In fact, there are several ways to distract yourself from bad thoughts. But whether you will succeed on your own or whether you will have to try them all depends on you.

How to deal with bad thoughts?

  1. The weirdest option is to tell yourself “this will never happen to me” and stop thinking about the bad. But this method is not suitable for everyone, because not everyone has enough willpower to give up bad thoughts at a time.
  2. If bad thoughts are firmly in your head, you can try to get them out using the following technique:

sit in a comfortable position, do not cross your arms and legs. Close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths and exhales;
represents what you do not rest as a dark lump in your chest;
exhale deeply, imagining this dark escape escaping you with the air. Expose your bad thoughts, surround them with white light, and hold them in this cocoon until they disappear completely.

  1. The visualization method in general is very effective, especially if you need to get rid of bad thoughts. It is recommended by psychologists, bioenergetics and psychics. Only psychologists advise you to make your visualization funny, because laughter is the best medicine for all kinds of fears. For example: Try to imagine yourself in the form of a big shiny ball, and bad thoughts fly by you with small black dots. The more fun it will be, the better. By laughing at your fears, you will get rid of them.
  2. You can also try writing or drawing on paper, something that does not give you peace. After you close your eyes, play the whole situation. Open your eyes, play again, as if you put all the problems on a piece of paper. Imagine that your consciousness is completely free of these thoughts, that they are transferred to paper. And now the leaf must be burned or torn, saying – I will destroy all bad things, I will break them, I will burn them.

How to get rid of bad thoughts?

How to get rid of bad obsessions? Yes, just to distract yourself from them when there is no time to think. Then bad thoughts will stop sticking to your head. So what will we be for fun?

Do something interesting, requiring increased attention and concentration. Have you noticed that when you are completely absorbed in business. You do not think that strange thoughts enter your head? So, it will be here, the main thing is to find a fascinating lesson.
Push the negative with a positive! Good always conquers evil, so it will be in our case. You need to remember that you are usually amused, bring a good mood – a favorite book, a movie, satirical thumbnails.

How to get rid of bad thoughts Do you remember?

Well, so before, to be accused of positive thoughts, bad and such a number, will definitely be scared and hang your head.
Learn to think positively. Overcome any bad thought with good. For example: “it started to rain, but I didn’t take an umbrella. I’m getting wet and I’m going to catch a cold.”

Change it to “it started to rain, I don’t have an umbrella, but by the end of the day the rain will stop. It will be good to go home at night, breathe fresh fragrant air”. Try to convey all your bad thoughts in this way. Often tell yourself “only good things will happen to me” and “everything that happens to me, for the good.”

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