Jeffrey Dahmer Series 💀 Netflix Jackpot?
Jeffrey Dahmer Series 💀 Netflix Jackpot?

The Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix tells the story of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer was a man with a troubled past who took out his anger and frustration on innocent victims. The series chronicles his gruesome crimes and the impact they had on those closest to him. It’s a chilling tale that will leave you feeling both disturbed and fascinated.

Audience success of the Jeffrey Dahmer series

Following the Netflix series, the figure of Jeffrey Dahmer has again acquired notoriety that the relatives of the victims deplore and denounce.

Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramírez, Charles Manson… The history of criminology has given us the most terrifying names and personalities. Many of them, as we well know, were the subject of a successful True Crime program. However, for the past few days, we have been witnessing a television phenomenon as striking as it is interesting.

Neftlix premiered the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series on September 21. The platform did this with little or no promotion. With this series appearing on the site’s grid almost suddenly and unexpectedly. However, seeing who its creator, Ryan Murphy, and its main character, Evan Peters, were, the proposal itself already announced that the result could be brilliant.

And it was the case. However, not everyone predicted the ratings success of this miniseries about Milwaukee’s fearsome butcher. The data speaks for itself. The production currently has 196.2 million viewing hours, almost approaching the final season of Stranger Things.

However, beyond the undeniable media exploit, there is the fascination aroused by the murderer himself (who died in 1994). If, during his trial, a whole legion of fans capable of creating comics, t-shirts and even songs with his effigy emerged, today, this inexplicable attraction seems to resurface… But why?

Evil disturbs and inflames the curiosity of human beings. Our minds struggle to understand why some people may be capable of heinous acts, like those committed by the Milwaukee cannibal.

The keys to the success of the series Jeffrey Dahmer

Just a few days ago, we learned that pages like Cult Collectibles were auctioning off Jeffrey Dahmers-related items for sky-high prices. At present, there is already a starting figure for the sale of his iconic glasses: 150,000 dollars. While this type of sadistic marketing is striking, it is even more disconcerting to think that there are people willing to pay for such items.

Also, another example of this robust interest in the character is Milwaukee. Dozens of tourists have flocked to this town hoping to visit the building where Dahmer committed many of his crimes. This building has been demolished, but the curious do not hesitate to ask the neighbors if anyone knew it.

One of the most infamous and disturbing murderers in the history of criminology has returned to the limelight 28 years after his death. The power of media and television can resurrect characters from the past and transform them into temporary pop icons. This is what happened with the Jeffrey Dahmer series, and many wonder why. Let’s try to explain it.

The series about the Milwaukee killer has managed to rank in the Top 10 streamers in 92 countries.

A controversial production

The cannibal from Milwaukee murdered 17 young people (most of them homosexual, black, Asian or Latino), with complete impunity, between 1978 and 1991. The series has the innovative contribution of not focusing exclusively on the murderer himself. The aim of its creators was to show the point of view of the victims. The background of racism and homophobia that the police showed.

This idea of ​​investigating the systemic violence of society and the scaffolding of a psychopathic murderer eventually gave way to controversy. Relatives of the victims have denounced Netflix for not contacting them at any time, and for revealing chilling data they were completely unaware of the crimes.

In addition, another feature has been added. The platform included the LGTBI tag on the Jeffrey Dahmer series, as well as those for “sinister, psychology, horror, ancient and dark crime.” After criticism, she had to withdraw it.

Fascination with evil and our attempt to understand it

Barrels with headless torsos, Polaroids with images of corpses, cannibalism, fetishism… How could millions of people see a production with such disturbing scenes? The answer is simple: evil disturbs and disturbs. But it also attracts us because we try to understand it, to give it an explanation.

As criminologist Vicente Garrido explains in his book True Crime, The Fascination of Evil. The criminal mind is one of the greatest mysteries of human beings. It is disconcerting, but we aspire to give understandable meaning to any violent and totally irrational act. During Dahmer’s trials, judges, psychologists and psychiatrists tried to determine what type of disorder he suffered from.

Sadism, necrophilia or splanchnophilia could be integrated with a schizotypal personality disorder; however, that was never entirely clear. His childhood could, according to many, be the key to everything.

“It’s hard for me to believe that a human being could have done what I did, but I know I did it. »

The Jeffrey Dahmer series fascinates because it embroiders the serial killer perfectly

Evan Peters masterfully executes the Milwaukee cannibal. Each gesture, movement, silence and look draws in depth the figure of the psychopath. We see him evolve in sordid spaces and gray, yellowish and brown colors that evoke his traumas and his inner demons. The scenario is ruthless and raw, he does not hesitate to show us all his filiations. Including his culinary tastes.

As a novelty, the victims are not women and this narrative is also attractive because it is new to the viewer. He is a man who kills men, a man who craves company and collects the remains of his lovers. Ryan Murphy, its creator, strives to show us these faults and these shreds of our society in terms of homophobia.

And here, he transforms True Crime into denunciation and also into art for perfection in each element: staging, photography… The Jeffrey Dahmer series fascinates with its gripping portrait of one of the most sinister murderers in history. But to worship him is to cross another line that is less logical, less ethical and orchestrated, essentially due to the morbidity and the siren song of social networks.

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