Long Distance Relationship Advice ๐Ÿ’‘ 10 Best Tips

Long-distance relationships are no easy feat. ย If youโ€™re in one, you know the drill: more time apart than together, more FaceTime than IRL conversations, and living in constant uncertainty about the future. But there are ways to make an LDR work. Here are 10 tips from experts on how to have a successful long distance relationship advice.

Long Distance Relationship Advice: 10 Tips on How to Make It Work

A long distance relationship, if timed and properly nurtured, can work well even if you and your partner are miles apart. Here are 10 long distance relationship tips that will help keep your relationship growing and alive:

Schedule a time to keep in touch

Since you are far away from each other, your communication should be a high priority. This is one of the most important long distance relationship advice and is one of the essential ingredients that can help your relationship flourish. You can send text messages to your partner during the day if it is convenient for both of you, or you can call each other in the morning or in the evening. Communicating online via webcam or Skype is also a good option.

Send thoughtful gifts

A long distance relationship counseling that gives you both something pleasant to anticipate for sends thoughtful packages to your partner. Once or twice a month, send things that your loved one likes, such as books, magazines, delicious snacks, accessories, etc

Don`t keep your feelings to yourself

Relationship tips include being honest with your partner. When you feel sad, lonely or miss your loved one, it`s okay to tell him/her about it. Be honest about your feelings. How will your partner know how you feel if you donโ€™t say it?

Be understanding

Being understanding with your partner is a very important relationship advice as well. Your loved one faces a different world from yours and he/she has a lot of things in life, apart from your relationship, so there may be times when he/she has to spend many hours at work and may miss that call you or has to cut the conversation short. It requires some understanding on your end.

Appreciate the effort

Keeping a healthy long distance relationship takes effort. Long distance relationship tips include appreciating your partnerโ€™s way of making time to call you in the middle of a busy week or his/her efforts to send you cards and little giftsโ€ฆappreciate good initiatives your loved one and express your gratitude. It will make him/her happy!

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Always remember, in a long distance relationship โ€“ all 4 are happy

Learn about your partner

When you are both apart, you and your partner still have to discover more things about each other. You can learn these when you meet or at the same time have a conversation on the phone or via Skype. Knowing each other better will draw you closer and will strengthen your love and friendship.

Make time to see each other

Finding time to actually meet each other is one of the most important and essential relationship tips. Try to plan interesting activities every time you see each other. Plan your meetings and surprise your partner with something special.

Build trust

Not only is trust one of the essential ingredients of true friendship, but love also requires this important component. Your partner needs to know your circle of friends, especially those of the opposite sex. Inform your loved one about your activities, especially those involving the opposite sex, as this is a way of building trust.

Set a day of silence

Try to postpone communicating with your partner just for a day, as this will make you appreciate each other even more. This relationship counseling can immensely help improve your relationship with your love and make you both understand how much you need each other.

Make a plan for your future

Having a goal for your future will keep you both inspired and encouraged about your relationship. Having a vision of being together is one of the most valuable long distance relationship advice that can help keep your relationship stronger. I hope you find these relationship tips useful. Even if your relationship is not a distance one, some of these suggestions may be useful for you, -). Feel free to share your own love advice, tips, tricks and thoughts on how to make long distance relationships work in the comments section below.

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