If you are looking for a weight loss supplement that claims to help you lose pounds quickly. Then Phengold might be the perfect choice for you. This 2022/2023 review will provide an overview of Phengold and its potential effectiveness in helping shed those unwanted extra pounds. We will look at the ingredients list. What previous users have said, and any potential side effects that may come with taking this supplement.

PhenGold: Our Opinion On This Fat Burner

We all know the detrimental effects of fat on human well-being and how difficult it is to get rid of it when it sets in. For this over the years, several ranges and types of products have emerged. To help an ever-growing population in search of better health.

With such a plethora of products promising mountains and wonders. It might seem that men and women in need are spoiled for choice. But it should rather be asked whether all these solutions available on the market are really effective. In overcoming fat and are harmless to human health.

It is therefore in this context that we were interested in a new fat burner product which is currently making a lot of noise. PhenGold is a promising product with rave reviews from its users. In this review, we take an in-depth look at this product that makes weight loss journey so seemingly simple.

What is it exactly ? What is it made of? How does it work ? Is it safe for human health? How, where and how much to get it? We see all of this together in the rest of this review on PhenGold, the new fat burner.

Phengold review 2022, what is it?

Developed by swiss research labs ltd, PhenGold is a slimming food supplement. It comes in the form of a capsule that is suitable for the majority of the population. Who want to lose fat quickly subject to allergies or intolerance to any of the components that we will see later.

Formulated to be a 100% natural and organic dietary supplement. PhenGold has been designed by nutrition experts to help those who want to lose fat in a safe and healthy way.

Indeed, losing weight in a healthy way is much more beneficial to help your body than wanting to lose it quickly. PhenGold manages to reconcile these two parameters. Thanks to a unique formulation composed only of ingredients strictly necessary for effective weight management loss.

So beware of miracle products that offer too fast weight loss aid process because they could lead to complications later. These products are also to be closely examined in their composition. Because the list of ingredients is often vague, too long or written in characters that do not facilitate easy reading.

These products formulated using toxic and dangerous components are favorable. To the sudden resumption of weight (yoyo effect) and are often the cause of chronic diseases which have repercussions on the general plan.

Conversely, products like PhenGold improve your heart health through healthy and controlled popular weight loss. You will feel much better throughout the cure because the pressure exerted by fat on your heart. Will have disappeared and your blood circulation will also be improved.

The quality of your sleep will also be improved as well as your mood. So pay attention to these various signs when using slimming products.

Once the basics are laid, let’s take a look at the various ingredients that make up PhenGold.

What are Phengold clinically proven ingredients?

The ingredients of PhenGold are mainly natural ingredients from species of plants and shrubs. Whose virtues on the body have been scientifically proven. They give your body the minerals it needs to regulate its metabolism. In no case are there any unnecessary or dangerous components for health as long as you are not intolerant or allergic to it. We have compiled a short, non-exhaustive list of the main ingredients for you.

Full List of Phengold ingredients

PhenGold Weight Loss Supplements

Green tea

Green tea is recognized in scientific society for its natural ability to burn fat and boost metabolism. We therefore speak of the thermogenesis effect because it heats up the body. Which has the consequence effect on fat burning the calories contained in fat. It is therefore an ally of choice for men and women who want to lose their excess fat in the body.

Green tea has a stimulating effect that also helps fight fatigue. Reduces cholesterol levels thanks to the antioxidant action of polyphenols and helps the body fat purge itself of toxins. It also strengthens the body’s immunity and has an interesting diuretic action for the kidneys.

Three capsules of PhenGold provide 500mg of green tea.


The coffee in PhenGold comes from extracts of green coffee beans and caffeine anhydrous. It is a source of chlorogenic acid, a powerful thermogenic fat-burning ingredient and a formidable ally in reducing the absorption of glucose in the intestine. The advantage of such a double action is that in addition to burning fat. This ingredient prevents fluctuations in blood sugar that would lead to cravings for snacking (sugar, carbohydrates, etc.). According to some research experts, chlorogenic acid additionally prevents storing excess calories as fat.

Caffeine in phengold also serves as a stimulant to the body. Which allows it to hold up in the event of a drop in diet and to accelerate its metabolism. It improves mental concentration and has a small role as an appetite suppressant.

For one capsule of phengold fat-burning supplement, just over 100 mg of caffeine is available.

Cayenne pepper

Acting in synergy with green tea and caffeine, cayenne pepper also triggers thermogenesis in the body and improves digestion. Obvious isn’t it? It’s chili. Its presence in the composition of PhenGold also serves as a natural fat burner and appetite suppressant because of the capsaicin it releases. It is the predominant ingredient in PhenGold in terms of quantity. For 3 capsules of PhenGold, there are 200 mg of cayenne pepper. This is also the highest dosage on the market in a dietary supplement of this type.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that induces the production of hormones that affect wakefulness and the feeling of satiety. This means that L-Tyrosine has an appetite suppressant effect and according to some studies. It would reduce stress by stimulating dopamine. You thus better control your cravings because you are no longer conditioned by the stress in the event of a hypocaloric diet.

It also helps to build muscle and athletes appreciate it for its anti-toxin and anti-free radical action resulting from physical exercise. There are 300 mg of L-Tyrosine for 3 capsules of PhenGold effective weight loss process.


L-Theanine is also an amino acid that offers benefits to the body. It has relaxing effects and works synergistically with caffeine to boost the body’s energy levels. Boost physical and mental fatigue while decreasing the risk of caffeine-induced headaches and nausea.

Three capsules of Phengold contains 250 mg of L-Theanine.

B vitamins

Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 are present in the composition of several energy drinks. Because they help the body to extract fat into energy from food. Conversely, a deficiency in the body of B vitamins leads to cardiac and neurological disorders leading to death.

Vitamin B3 is an excellent vasodilator. It is therefore an ingredient might facilitate blood circulation. This improves blood flow to the muscles, which pushes them to work harder.

For 3 capsules of PhenGold, there are 15 mg of Vitamin B3, 1.3 mg of Vitamin B6, and 24 mg of Vitamin B12.

DMAE Bitartrate (Di Methyl Amine Ethanol Bitartrate)

DMAE is a compound produced in the body but also contained in fatty fish such as sardines, salmon, etc. It promotes the improvement of cognitive functions and has a positive effect on mood.

For 3 capsules of PhenGold, there are 150 mg of DMAE.


This is a compound that improves the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs. Its presence in the formulation of Phenol makes it possible to potentiate the absorption of the nutrients contained in the other ingredients.

In 3 capsules of PhenGold, there are 5 mg of this molecule.

Rhodiola root

Rhodiola root (rhodiola rosea) is a medicinal herb that fights anxiety and fatigue. It also works as a stimulant and is very popular with athletes. Rhodiola root, this plant that grows at altitude, also has virtues that give the body better concentration and improve mental performance.

Three capsules of PhenGold supplement contains 250mg of this compound.

Once the various ingredients of PhenGold have been reviewed, let’s take a look at how this slimming dietary supplement works.

How does phengold work in 2022 and 2023?

If some marketing pros present it to you as a miracle fat burner product, it is not. The operating mechanism of use phengold is based on scientific processes. That we will try to simplify in order to explain to you globally how it works. Even if you could already understand it from the list of ingredients.

It acts as an appetite suppressant: benefits of phengold

PhenGold decreases the feeling of hunger and increases the feeling of satiety. It allows you to feel full with smaller portions than usual; it therefore allows you to eat less and suppresses the urge to snack.

It helps burn fat faster

The use of PhenGold help you lose weight. To burn more calories than if they were trying to lose weight to achieve it through diet. By increasing the body’s natural temperature (thermogenesis). PhenGold helps to draw calories from fat, which results in effect on fat loss.

On the other hand, you will need to accompany the consumption of PhenGold. With regular sports activity in order to potentiate these effects and monitor your diet.

It boost alertness and attention

PhenGold therefore helps those who consume it to be attentive to their diet and improves the abilities. Of those who do physical and mental exercise in order to obtain better results.

Phengold stimulates fat-burning metabolism

PhenGold pushes your body to work harder and faster. This induces the transformation of the food you ingest into energy and no longer into stored body fat. It is ideal for those who have a slow metabolism and tend to store stubborn fat.

Phengold can help increase energy levels and improves mood

Scientific studies have shown a causal link between fatigue, stress and weight gain. By maintaining optimal energy during the day and fighting against stress, PhenGold allows you to stay focused on your goal and to be serene. You will therefore be less tempted to snack to regain energy during the day.

The mode of operation of PhenGold is thus based on well-known mechanisms in the world of nutrition to offer its users controlled and healthy natural weight loss supplements. All this while ensuring the sustainability of the results to avoid the risk of relapse. But how to consume el PhenGold to obtain the same effects?

How to consume PhenGold for weight loss goals?

You must have noticed that in the list of ingredients, we have given you the proportion of constituents for 3 capsules of PhenGold per day. This is done on purpose, as PhenGold involves taking 3 capsules daily. Its dosage is therefore simple and is similar to that of other food supplements of the same kind available on the market.

However, the period necessary for a cure is not indicated by the laboratories that offer it. However, experts in the field of nutrition recommend a monthly cure with a break of one to two weeks in each cure. Break periods give your body a window of time to get used to its new metabolic rate.

It is recommended serving of phengold to divide the 3 daily phengold capsules as follows.

2 capsules in the morning

Take 2/3 of the recommended amount with meals to avoid loading the body with too much caffeine in the morning. You could then suffer from sleep disorders, which would be counterproductive for your cure. So combine the morning pray with your breakfast or a full brunch.

1 capsule at noon

Also phengold can be taken with the meal, therefore lunch. Avoid taking it at night or you will have trouble sleeping. The energy provided by PhenGold must be spent during the day. Some even recommend taking all 3 capsules of PhenGold at once before physical exercise.

The ideal time to take PhenGold is therefore just before sports exercise in order to reap all the benefits or during the first 2 meals of the day to avoid being shaken.

All weight loss pills if improperly consumed can cause side effects. Even if its constituents are your best allies in the weight loss results process, you should still observe some recommendations.

Side effects of PhenGold weight loss supplement

As seen in the previous sections, phengold seems a slimming phengold dietary supplement that is suitable for both men and women to burn fat, as long as you are not allergic to it. The adverse effects of PhenGold can therefore occur in the event of:

Intolerance to one of the components such as caffeine which is still present in large quantities (more than 225 mg for 3 capsules is the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee per day);

Overdose by excess intake (more than 3 capsules, consumption of additional sources of caffeine, etc.) or by lack of need (your body does not need to go up to 3 capsules per day).

Due to its exciting components, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consume it. It is better to wait to pass this physiological phase before taking a course of PhenGold. In the event of the appearance of undesirable symptoms, the first reflex to have is to consult your doctor in order to make adjustments in the cure.

Experts in the field even recommend informing your doctor before starting the cure. This allows you to be sure of being able to start your PhenGold cure without any contraindications.

PhenGold is therefore one of the best fat burner wellness product that is suitable for a large majority of the population. It is also easy to get one and we explain how.

How much does PhenGold cost and where to buy phengold supplement?

PhenGold Weight Loss Supplements

PhenGold unlike other slimming products available on the market offers correct and reasonable prices. It is purchased as a one-month cure, but special offers are made for packages over a longer period. Purchases are made only on the official website of the manufacturer and the offers offered are as follows:

  1. the classic pack of €54.39 for a one-month cure;
  2. the intermediate pack of €108.78 for two months giving the right to 1 month free;
  3. the top pack of €154.80 for three months giving the right to 2 free months of supply.

The more you order, the more you save. In addition, shipping is free for all orders and delivery times are respected. It is important to specify that the manufacturer of PhenGold offers a guarantee which ensures that you will be reimbursed if you do not obtain satisfaction after the correct use of the product. The warranty is valid for 100 days. This testifies to a pledge of seriousness and the confidence that manufacturers have in their product.

Regarding delivery times, count 3 to 20 working days on the European continent. For UK it takes 3-10 days and for other destinations 5-21 working days.

On the official website of the manufacturer of PhenGold weight loss product. You can read money-back guarantee section, systematic review, the comments and ratings left by several customers.

Customer reviews: What do users think?

Customer reviews are plentiful and generally excellent. And the feedback from those who have already used the product is the most important. The true value of a product is found in customer feedback, systematic review and meta-analysis, testimonials and comments.

The positive reviews and points phengold fat burn

Many say they are satisfied with the fat loss results and have observed results fairly quickly (1 week). Testimonials also relate to stopping uncontrolled cravings and improving well-being. We have listed a few for you.

Phengold results: User reviews

“At the time, I weighed 68 kg for 1.55 m. Even if I was not obese, I was still unsightly overweight. (…) Today, after 5 months of sport, diet and treatment, I have dropped to 55 kilos for 1m55. My BMI went from 28.3 to 22.9. In short, I went from “overweight” to a normal corpulence. » ;

“I tried phengold and refined my silhouette and lost a lot in waistline”;

“I started paying attention to my diet. After a colleague pointed out to me what I already knew and was bothering me. My belly felt like I had a baby inside. I joined a gym and started training regularly but my progress was very slow and I couldn’t complete any exercise without being exhausted.

After much research, I came across PhenGold. Within a week, I began to see how much it had helped me. I could do as much training as I wanted without getting out of breath. I started to feel my stomach deflate. Today I lost all the pounds I wanted and I feel much better. “.

Phengold fat burners: The negative points

Believe phengold is only available on the official website of the manufacturer. This means that it cannot be obtained in stores or in pharmacies. Even if it is a product that meets health standards. It is also unavailable in some countries (refer to countries served by shipping).

We have also specially designed a frequently asked questions section to anticipate any questions you may have. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to leave comments if we have not addressed certain points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that often come up after an investigation of this new product that is PhenGold.

Who are the manufacturers of PhenGold?

PhenGold is developed by Swiss Research Labs. It is a young company founded in 2019 which specializes in the research and production of health and well-being products. The Swiss Research Labs laboratories are also well known on the well-being scene for the food supplements they offer for athletes.

Can women take phengold?

It is true that the majority of the population affected by overweight problems is made up of the female gender. But the mode of action of phengold will help both women and men. It therefore acts regardless of whether you are a man or a woman even if there are subtle differences in terms of metabolism.

Is PhenGold suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

This is a relevant question especially in our current context of inclusion. Among the list of PhenGold ingredients, DMAE Bitartrate is the one whose exact origin is not specified although the brand is very transparent. We therefore advise you to contact the Swiss Research Labs laboratories to obtain quality information.

Does PhenGold need to be combined with a diet to work?

Phengold further supports your weight with the power of its clinically proven ingredients. Can help you regulate your metabolism but it is recommended to give it a helping hand by watching your diet. Your well-being is at stake. Experts also advise to combine your phengold is one cure with physical exercise to burn extra calories and stored fat into energy.

In short, we will remember that PhenGold is a slimming dietary fat loss supplements. That benefits from an excellent phengold formula in order to offer its users results in a controlled and healthy way. The benefits it offers to its clients go beyond the physical aspect and also take into account the mental well-being.

Tried phengold?

Its dosage is simple and therefore does not represent a constraint for those who wish to lose weight and lose stubborn fat for good. Because we know that the simpler and more pleasant the experience, the less likely we are to give up. The ingredients that make up Phengold is safe for your health and are suitable for everyone provided you do not suffer from hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the components. The price of PhenGold in relation to the benefits it provides is excellent when compared to other renowned slimming treatments available on the market.

Even if PhenGold alone represents an excellent cure, in order to benefit from a better experience, it must be accompanied by a regular sports activity but also by a better diet. Consider eating more vegetables and fruits. Avoid overly processed foods such as industrial foods and eat less fat, less sugar, less salt.

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