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Get some exercise on a daily basis. Most days of the week, people who have lost weight and kept it off engage in 60—90 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity while not exceeding their calorie needs. This does not have to be done in chunks of 60—90 minutes. It could entail 20–30 minutes three times per day. A quick walk in the morning, lunchtime, and evening, for example. Before engaging in this level of physical activity, some persons may need to consult with their healthcare physician.

Maintain your focus on physical activity

Keep an eye on your nutrition and physical exercise. Keeping a diet and activity log can assist you in tracking your progress and identifying trends. When you have a lot of business travel or have to work overtime, for example, you may realize that your weight creeps up. Recognizing this pattern can serve as a signal to attempt new behaviors, such as bringing your own healthy food on the aircraft and scheduling time to exercise at your hotel while on vacation. If you’re working overtime, you may take short walks around the building during your breaks.

Keep an eye on your weight. Examine your weight on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to keep track of your weight reduction so you can plan ahead and make adjustments to your food and exercise routine as needed. If you’ve gained a few pounds, get back on track as soon as possible.

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Seek for the help of family, friends, and others. People who have successfully lost weight and kept physical activity frequently rely on the help of others, to keep on track and overcome any obstacles. Having a buddy or partner or even an enemy who is also trying to lose weight or keep it off can help you stay motivated.

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