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Sexual tenderness is often overlooked in our fast-paced, hook-up culture. But what is tenderness, really? And why is it so important?

Tenderness is the quality of being gentle and caring. It is a way of interacting with the world that is marked by kindness, compassion, and a deep respect for others. When we are tender with ourselves and others, we create an environment of safety and trust.


I’ve been dreaming and thinking about you all night, he said in a mushy voice and kissed her.
She felt the rise against her hip and surrendered to the kiss. Knew she wanted to merge with him. It was so good to be with him in his arms. The world was made perfect.

Shall we go into the bedroom?

No, I want you here on the floor, he chuckled a little and began to undress her. She enjoyed feeling lips and tongue against the bare skin of her neck. He lightly bit her neck and earlobe. She moaned loudly.

She turned towards him, let him see her, while he grabbed her breasts, as if weighing them in his hands before sucking the nipples into his mouth.

The pleasure was so intense, she bent over backwards.

He bit her nipples and ran his fingers over her moist cave. Yes, he muttered triumphantly, when he felt how wet she was and how big the dune had become. You are lovely he said and kissed her deeply.

He was naked, she couldn’t remember that she had undressed him?

He was hard and stiff against her venus rock. She rubbed against him and pulled him closer. Ran her fingertips over his bulging member, feeling how velvety it was while also being large and hard as steel.

She loved it, where it lay like a little baby bird in her hand. A few drops ran from the tip, she caught them with her fingers and licked them up.

He met her gaze, she drowned in his, before he made his way down, tasting and biting her all the way down. Now the tip of his tongue was inside her, he teased her, his tongue and lips worked the clit and then his tongue entered her, while he rolled the nipples with his fingers.

You are so beautiful, so small and so deliciously wet, he said.

She went up the bridge. Love me now, she begged, love me.

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