The Mysterious Meaning of the Infinity Symbol

In mathematical terms, the infinity symbol is used to represent an infinite number. An infinite number is one that cannot be counted because it has no end. The concept of infinity has been studied by mathematicians and philosophers for centuries. The infinity symbol is a visual representation of this concept. The infinity symbol can be seen in art, literature, and music. It is often used as a tattoo or body piercing.

Infinity symbol: origin and meaning

The infinity symbol that we all know can be compared to an oblique figure of eight. It is known by the name of lemniscata. For some this symbol represents, according to a modern interpretation, eternity. However, according to other interpretations the connection with the infinite. Derives from its original meaning of perfection, duality and constant vital flow.

With a similar meaning to that of the scarab symbol and the Egyptian cross, it represents the life cycle.

The history of the infinity symbol: from math to pop culture.

The infinity symbol is not a new symbol: through the centuries and various cultures. It has been used to represent different concepts and ideas. There is a particular ritualized meaning in some areas of India and Tibet. Where the symbol represented perfection and balance between the male and female gender, a sort of Yin and Yang in short. The infinity sign also appears in a number of mystical Celtic knot designs. Which just like the infinity symbol have no end and no beginning. Celtic knot designs actually bear a lot of resemblance to the Double Infinity Symbol. Which is a representation of “double absoluteness”. Some representations of the divine serpent Yormungand would refer to this.

Modern times

The infinity symbol we recognize today was first discovered by English mathematician John Wallis, in 1655. It is a concept in mathematics and physics. That refers to a quantity with no limit or end – a quantity greater than any number. The word comes from the Latin infinityas or “limitlessness”.

For the record, this is referred to in the Scientology creed as the eighth dynamic. Which is the drive toward eternal and infinite existence. The eighth dynamic is also called the “supreme being” or “creator” – embracing the wholeness and infinite capacity of all. Scientologists do not believe in reincarnation but are sure they have had “past lives”.

Ancient times

Infinity was originally known precisely as lemniscata, which means “ribbon”, by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. A concept similar to that also inherent in the Ouroboros (or Ouroboros). An ancient symbol that depicts a snake biting its own tail.

It represents infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilization and eternal return. So we already see similarities in meaning, but from places we are less familiar with.


Although the infinity symbol has become typical of the mathematical and scientific fields. However it was born in the religious field, which allowed us to determine the spiritual and positive meanings described above.

What is the meaning of an infinity symbol necklace?

For today’s people this symbol is a representation of something infinite, like a love or a connection. With the two interconnected circles, each representing one side of the relationship, it encompasses the idea of ​​being “together forever.”

The infinity symbol can be drawn in one continuous motion and has neither a beginning nor an end. It contains the ideas of no limits and infinite possibilities.

While the concept of infinite or truly forever cannot be fully grasped. It represents the longing for something that can be eternal. This is why many couples choose to wear the infinity symbol. As an accessory or tattoo to express their love and connection.

What does an infinity sign with an anchor mean?

Anchor jewelry has become a very popular trend, but even more so when incorporated with an infinity sign. So why has it become so popular and what does it mean?

The anchor is seen as a sign of strength and stability, due to its function of holding ships down. Together with infinity it represents strength in a unity. Connection and world without borders and expressing an unbreakable and strong bond.

How do you write the infinity symbol on the keyboard?

If you want to write the infinity symbol with the computer keyboard you have several options.

You can search Google for “infinity symbol”, find a text that contains it and copy and paste it or use keyboard shortcuts. Here’s what they are:


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