World beer day: beauty benefits you don't expect 🍺

Although World Beer Day is celebrated on October 7th, the beauty benefits of this beverage are often overlooked. Beer is actually good for your skin and hair! The hops in beer contain silica, which can strengthen hair and nails. The vitamin B present in beer helps to keep your skin looking healthy and can even prevent dandruff. So next time you reach for a beer, don’t feel guilty – you’re actually doing your body a favor!

World beer day: The Unexpected Beauty Benefits of Drinking beer

The day universally dedicated to one of the oldest and most appreciated fermented beverages by humanity. Blonde, red, filtered or not, the beer has many supporters.

If in Germany it is the absolute star of Oktoberfest, it is loved everywhere. But how does the anniversary come about, and what are the benefits – even unexpected ones – that beer brings to our beauty? Read on to find out how to take advantage of it.

World beer day

When is the 2022 Beer Festival? International Beer Day falls on the first Friday of each August. It originated in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, by the will of Jesse Avshalomov. Initially celebrated in the western United States alone, the day has gradually become an event of global interest.

Its purpose is to spend time with your friends enjoying the unique taste of good beer; to honor those who produce and serve beer; unite the world in a universal celebration at the center of which is the fermented drink.

Beer around the world

Beer Day is therefore a day in which beer lovers from all over the world can toast to the brewers and bartenders. In addition to rejoicing in the greatness of craft beer. Before moving on to the beauty benefits that the drink brings, the importance of the drink in the various countries of the world deserves a mention.


We have mentioned how in Germany, precisely in Munich, the drink is the protagonist of one of the most famous festivals on an international level. In addition to being a goliardic event, Oktoberfest is an excellent way to make a full immersion in German tradition and culture.


Beer is also very popular in Dublin. Proof of this are the rivers that flow in the typical Irish pubs, which are popular with tourists visiting the city. St. Patrick’s Day is just one of the occasions for tasting in a cheerful and festive atmosphere. Between traditional music and good company.


Not everyone probably knows this, but Japan also has its own deep beer culture. In Yojohama, in particular, there is the Kirin brewery, which exports its products all over the world. Mexico, Amsterdam, Brussels, the countries certainly don’t end here. If you are a fan of the drink you could consider taking a themed tour.

How World Beer Day is celebrated

The most popular forms of events typical of International Beer Day include tapping new or rare beers, happy hour all day, trips to countries where the tradition of beer is strong, visits to breweries. But also themed dinners, tastings, special combinations with the drink. Of course, social celebrations are included: just use thematic hashtags to share photos, thoughts and experiences on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok.

Beer, beauty benefits

Unlike other spirits, beer cannot be defined as “empty calories”. Its nutritional values ​​are interesting, among which the presence of antioxidants, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, manganese, calcium stands out. From these also derive the benefits of beer. Let’s learn more about what it is by referring to those it contributes to the beauty of skin and hair.


We know that hops can be considered a great skin care ingredient, and so is beer. The food boasts anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can be used to make the face and body smoother. In particular, the malt present in beer has exfoliating power and is able to stabilize collagen and elastin.

But it is also able to improve microcirculation and prevent premature skin aging. The drink is an effective anti-wrinkle due to the content of ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant capable of making the skin dry, above all, smooth and elastic. In fact, it has a positive effect on the signs of aging.

The vitamins, minerals, saccharides and yeast it contains make beer a natural cleanser. It can be used both to wash the face and as a mask or scrub, with the effect of reducing acne and pimples. By doing so it gives a natural color to the skin and makes it brighter.

This action is also carried out due to its diuretic properties, which allow the elimination of toxins from the body. What does brewer’s yeast do to the skin? This, on the other hand, being rich in B vitamins, helps moisturize the epidermis. These actions, however, would be closely linked to the topical use of the same, and not to that through oral intake.


Beer is just as good for your hair. Even stars of the caliber of Catherine Zeta-Jones support it. The actress, for example, uses a honey and beer mask. Could it be the secret of her beautiful hair? Her low PH together with vitamin B and a moderate sugar content makes the hair more beautiful and healthy, it shines and contributes to the closure of the cuticles.

Washing the hair with beer brings benefits to the health and texture of the hair: to be so beneficial in this case are the proteins and vitamins of group B, as well as antioxidants such as flavonoids. Using beer on your hair mixed with apple cider vinegar or jojoba oil softens it and improves its texture.

The minerals present in it help to scrape off the oily scalp and strengthen them. Why is brewer’s yeast good for hair? Because it contains selenium, copper, zinc and B vitamins and because it nourishes the follicles by strengthening them. But even more so because of biotin, known for its fundamental action for their growth.

Furthermore, it is useful against oily hair as its acid compounds help regulate the PH of the scalp and reduce excessive sebum production. It is also used to lighten the hair, especially in blond or light brown women. It allows to obtain a natural but intense effect, certainly much healthier than that obtained with the use of chemical agents contained in professional products. Without any side effects.


Beer stimulates the production of melanin, and consequently helps to promote tanning, giving a golden and uniform complexion. To benefit from it, you can also just spray it on the body. But be careful: it does not boast protection from the sun’s rays. Therefore, to avoid erythema and burns it is necessary to use a cream with an adequate SPF.


If you suffer from brittle and flaking nails, brewer’s yeast can come to your rescue. Just dissolve a stick in half a glass of warm water, let it cool and massage the entire nail bed. Some substances contained in beer, including selenium and potassium, help strengthen the nails. You can apply it on them after mixing it with warm oil. Leave on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing.


Finally, it can be used to make regenerating foot baths. And to soften the calluses on the feet. This is thanks to the aforementioned moisturizing properties. But at the same time it gives relief to tired feet. Just add a little cold beer to the foot bath in the evening. It will give a new vigor to that part of the body tried by a long day. Try the foot bath with beer and you will see what results!

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